Author: wendel wirth

I am a contemporary fine art photographer deeply interested in minimalism and photography as an art form.

Wendel Wirth Photographs

Color in photography, usually works to add detail to a photograph as it is closer to how we see. In No Vacancy, the color is devoid of detail yet still works to guide our narrative.


Wendel Wirth photographs

My relentless obsession of both photography and minimalism led me to layer a block of color on top of the image, essentially hiding a piece of it. I became deeply curious about the relationship between photography and minimalism; how we see and how we experience both an image and an art form. I found that combining the two adds a sense of movement and in turn, alludes to cinema and its heightened narrative. The color blocks, each playing a unique roll amongst its black and white counterpart, inject character and complexity to the work, asking the viewer to experience the image differently while ultimately commenting on photography as an art form.

Wendel Wirth Photographs

Small towns consume me like a favorite novel. I read slowly exploring every word. The simple architecture, local industry, aging hotels, all but vacant motels, rain soaked cows, fenced in dogs, sparsely visited gas stations, single dirt roads, weathered hands…all construct a narrative that ignite me with a multitude of questions. No Vacancy reflects the conjured narratives that begin to form within us as we pass through unfamiliar places.